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Intellectual Property

Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman's intellectual property practice assists inventors and businesses in maintaining and commercializing their intellectual property portfolios. We assist our clients in developing and refining their IP portfolios, including providing assistance in: trademark procurement; copyright and trade secret management; and university technology transfer.

A critical aspect of our intellectual property practice is identifying infringers and managing the risk of accusations of infringement. In addition, CR&F's Business & Civil Litigation Group works closely with our IP attorneys to provide comprehensive litigation and trial representation to clients involved in or anticipating disputes involving IP.

In conjunction with our Business, Corporate & Non-Profit Group, we have significant experience in licensing and other IP sharing arrangements. We have negotiated a variety of transactions including: license agreements, development agreements and non-disclosure agreements; material transfer agreements; supply agreements, distribution agreements and consulting agreements; research collaboration agreements and idea submission agreements; and clinical and pre-clinical trial agreements. Our attorneys also perform due diligence for investments and acquisitions, including analyses of IP held by competitors and by target companies.

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