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Our Real Estate Practice Group assists our clients in all matters related to real estate development including acquisition, entity formation, finance, leasing and tax planning. We provide legal service, advice and coordination for sophisticated real estate transactions involving entrepreneurs, institutions and public and private entities.

We have an extensive practice in preparing and negotiating commercial leases. Our clients run the gamut from an international, publicly traded corporation with an extensive lease presence throughout the country to small tenants negotiating a single lease location. As a core area of our firm’s expertise, we are able to draw on our extensive experience to prepare leases for any circumstance and to understand and anticipate any issue.

Our firm has prepared numerous condominium documents for projects as varied as major mixed use developments, large residential new developments, conversions of existing high rises, and transactions as simple as conversions of a two family home. The challenges of each transaction are different, and the experience in so many varied forms of condominiums assures the client of an approach that is most efficient, and of a nature that will assure that the development plan will be respected by prospective lenders and buyers. We also have extensive experience with land condominiums and understand the value that land condominiums can bring to certain development challenges.

When a client’s development project requires local approval, we can assist in strategizing the best approach to achieve the client’s aims, and can prepare and present the case in the best possible light for the local boards. In many cases, our attorney’s are known to and respected by the local boards, assuring that the client’s matter will be considered in a favorable manner.

A core expertise of the Real Estate Practice Group is Affordable Housing Development. Our firm is the preferred legal team member in tax credit transactions on behalf of the developer. We have the expertise needed to coordinate with Rhode Island Housing, HUD, and the syndicators of tax credit transactions. We also have the experience to obtain the required approvals, including approvals under special zoning relief available specifically for affordable housing transactions. Our significnat experience assures that a developer will have counsel that is recognized for their ability to successfully structure, negotiate and close these complex transactions.

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