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Linx, Ltd. and Tubelinks, Inc.

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Linx Ltd and Tubelinks Inc
Linx Limited is a worldwide leader in product innovation and manufacturing. Linx's products provide solutions with a wide range of applications in waterworks, irrigation, mining, process piping, fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC. Linx prides itself in being innovative, providing superior engineered products, reliable professional customer service, and flexible delivery at competitive prices.

Linx's products are manufactured in accordance with various domestic and international standards including AWWA, ANSI, ASTM, NAPF, ASSE, IGC, EN, BS, and ISO. Many products are certified to UL, FM, CSA, NSF, UPC, CE, and WRAS.

Linx primarily markets to Master Distributors and its trade names include UNITED, UNIFIT, UniPex, Uni-Grip, RediFlange, and SealTite.


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